I’ve been silent trying to digest the gravity of recent events, looking at myself in the mirror and reflecting while attempting to find the right words and considering what actions to take. I’m still searching and looking for answers but made some progress.


  1. I’ve been naive and ignorant to the…

Founding, starting and scaling a company is hard. On this tumultuous journey, founders are faced with a multitude of challenges. In C2V’s inaugural infographic, we lay out these challenges in each of the three stages they occur.

How many of these have you faced or do you relate with? We’d love to hear about your own experiences at Stories Summit.

Stories Summit is not a conference but rather a dedicated day to the founder community to learn from each other. One of the founding principles is that by opening up, being vulnerable and sharing your own experiences, you can help both yourself and others on a similar startup journey.

Be sure to follow Stories Summit on Instagram to stay up to date with the event.

We live by the credo “For Founders, By Founders.” We believe sharing first-hand knowledge and mentorship are fundamental building blocks to investment and entrepreneurship.

That’s why for our latest piece of content, we asked current entrepreneurs to give advice and share their experiences founding companies. The result is a three-part video series, including contributions from Susan Ho from Journy, Mimi Chan from Littlefund and Jason Kelly from Kambr.

What is the Biggest Piece of Advice You Can Give to First Time Founders?

What’s an Unexpected Experience You’ve Had as a Founder?

What’s Something You’d Do Differently Knowing What You Know Now?

Like what you see? We’ll be doing more of these, so if you’re a founder and would like to get involved, reach out and we’ll set something up!

Chris Cunningham

Managing Partner C2 Ventures. Co-Host SuperPowers Podcast

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